The Art of Serious Listening

Setting the Pace of the Vanguard

The American High End audio industry is a rare species, a stubborn holdout for artistry, perfectionism and iconoclastic value judgments in a world of lowest-common-denominator commercialism. Within this small community is an even smaller group of companies that set the direction and pace of the High End itself. Spectral Audio has always been numbered among these pioneering few. Since our founding in 1977 we have dedicated ourselves to exploring new dimensions of realism in the home reproduction of recorded music. Over the years, Spectral’s techniques and tools have been honed to a fine edge. But its mission has never been changed.

Single-minded dedication to advancing the state of the art is a strenuous commitment. But it is a luxury as well – the luxury of relative indifference to price points, market niches and seasonal trends. Spectral designs and builds for an audience of true connoisseurs, serious listeners who are impressed only by exceptional performance and the tangible quality of a beautifully realized instrument. A Spectral product makes a statement only about itself.

The quest for greater realism in musical reproduction is, like the art of music itself, an exhilarating blend of intellect and sensuality. In common with those who choose to own our products we at Spectral are constantly inspired by musical performance and tradition. Preserving and advancing this heritage is for us a source of professiona1 pride and personal satisfaction.

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